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Monday, December 23, 2013

Erwin - Story 1

„Haaaaah!“ Almost got it! Need to reach out more. I have it! Yay! My raspberry. 


Oh! Maybe I should share! Buuuut... I want eat all by myself. Share. Eat. Share. Eat. Shar-

“Ehm. Erwin?” What?! Unfamiliar voice! Danger? What’s Erwin?

Time passes, it’s still behind me. Not moving.

I turn. I shocked. It looks completely different. Different from everybody else here. It’s looking like me.

No claws or paws, but hands! Head smooth with hair only on top. Tall, standing on two. What is it?

Nobody here looks like one another. But everybody other than me has full haired body.

Oh no! Does it want my raspberry?! But it’s mine!

little Erwin holding her raspberry tightly

‘chuckles’ ”No need to look that scared.” It suddenly speaks.

Why is it holding hand in the air? 

“My name is Tarren,” What’s name? Is tarren like fox, rabbit, crow? Am I tarren? “It’s nice to meet you, Erwin.” It’s smiling.

“What’s erwin?” It looks confused. “And what’s tarren?”

“Ahhh...” Is it scratching it’s neck with it’s hand? “I see, that’s how is it. _ _  _ _ _ _! Look here, little one, Erwin and Tarren are our names. Names are what identify us from one another. My name is Tarren and yours Erwin.” What?

It’s smiling again. “You look pretty confused. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you, so you shall soon understand everything. Well, at least everything that everybody your age should understand.” It snarls. “By the way, who did you think you were, up till now?”

“They- they said they think that I am human.”

“Very well.” Why does it shakes his head up and down? What well? What does it want anyway. It says weird things. I should r-

“Erwin.” Uhn! “It’s not ‘it’, think of me as of Tarren, or Uncle. Don’t look that scared, I’ve just started reading your thoughts, but don’t worry, it’ll be only for a small amount of time. I just think that we need to get over this quick. By the way, you just squashed that raspberry of yours.” No! Oh no! I am gonna cry.
Tears in my eyes. 

“Here you go.” A raspberry in front of me. “Wipe your tears. There is no need to cry. Actually, it’s time to be happy! Today I am going to take you out of this isolated bubble planet and show you what life really is!” It’s smiling even bigger than before and pats my head. “It’s not it! It’s Tar-“


“Good girl!”

“Girl? What’s that?”

“Oh no!”


Uncle Tarren

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