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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Exchanged Eye: 2 ✖ Childish decision

Written by: SHANA
Circle: Dreamer’s ship
Original: The hidden stories of Phantasium: Exchanged eye
Title: 2 ✖ Childish decision

I slowly opened the doors and tried not to attract the attention of the servants. Yes, they tend to appear out of nowhere because they are spellbound. Well, they aren’t even a real thing, they are just some fume dolls that act like they are all alive and stuff but they are just a blue smoke in a human appearance.
‘Welcome back, miss.’ The whole maid staff appeared out of blue. There it goes. The blue smoke army. Kinda funny because they seem so real but I am still interacting with a vivid smoke.
‘Miss Elin is waiting for you in the dining room.‘
‘Oh well, is she?’ I said anxiously and went through a maid while heading for the dining room. She just disappeared with a cloud of blue smoke. 
Oh right, I have forgotten about my morning magic class. I don’t want to deal with my sister right now...

... Too long... damn stairs.

‘Elin!’ I called my sister as I was opening the heavy doors.
‘Oh my! Is that you, my little sister? I was wondering whether something happened to you or not.’ She smiled and put the cup of tea back on the table. Sooo fake. The fake smile of her makes me want to punch her. I lifted up her cup with my poor magic ability and was about to spill the tea on her, however she noticed my little spell and with her hand raised she repelled the cup very fast and it hit the wall behind me. The poor cup broke into small pieces.
‘You just came back and already made such a mess. What am I going to do with you? You won’t make a thing with your low-level magic, Lithi, and it won’t get any better if you do not attend your magic classes. You were skipping the school but now even the homeschooling? How can you even consider yourself as a daughter of the greatest magician in this kingdom?’ She grinned but the expression changed immediately into a deadly serious (and also scary) face. ‘You are the second daughter of the Millenium family. Behave like you are one and stop being so loutish.’
‘Oh then sorry if I have ever hurt you with my inexperience in magic but I think it’s my problem not yours!’ I replied with a weak argument and turned my back. I know it. Hell, I DO know it. I just don’t want to use it. Magic. I hate it.
‘It is my business as I am your older sister! Stop being such a spoiled child, would you? Anyways, you have a lesson before dinner. Make sure to attend it.’ She said coldly with her superior voice and walked off the room.
Tired, I went to my room and locked myself in. Magic here, magic there, nobody cares about it anyways, so why do I have to be the best in it? Argh! It’s irritating! I threw myself in bed and planned to wait for the next magic classes. Then an idea popped in my mind. The book which I read today... could it be real? If it isn’t only a mere legend, if it is real then I could get the eye and have the void magic all for myself...  My sister would finally shut up... I want it. I’ll do it. Childish, I know. But what? I am only 14.
There’s one place to find out whether the story is real or not and there’s no way I would attend the magic class... right?

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