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Friday, April 26, 2013

Universe and planets

Universe and planets

Everything is happening in one universe but on many different planets that participants create, and which are gathered into galaxies. Each member should create at least one planet and describe it; you can also add an illustration of it. Ideal would be, if someone is that creative and make two and more planets where stories can take places. When I say “describe”, I mean describe. That contains waters, lands and their types (desert, mountains, hills, forests, ice lands, etc…). Also animals and flora, that lives and grows there, and how they look.

If some of you wonder why a detailed description is need, please take in mind that your planet might be used by someone else in their stories (of course, if you don’t want anyone else to use your planet, because you have plans with it, you can say it).

You choose the currency on your planet. For example if you want to use money, or exchange things for another things.

This is part of Project introduction.

Author: Envy
Translator: Envy

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