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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planet Daschnen

Location: Krametos (Galaxy 7)

Number of moons: 2 – Fuchtu and Blecht (Fuchtu is covered with garbage and Blecht is a ball of rubbish)

The heat source:
The star Kóten and the star Lisk; its orbit looks like number 8 because it's orbiting both stars.

Daschnen has been bought by Mud Inc. and they've hired all Daschnens as space dustmen. The swamps changed to incinerators, dumps, factories, power plants and technical schools. But that did not make the planet more beautiful.

The life condition:
For most species is radiation extremely deadly, air is moist and hot, the food is inedible (someone can't even manage to handle the view of it), there is highly contaminated water and the inhabitants of the planet are very unfriendly, so Daschnens do not have many visits.

The whole planet is full of swamps and mud (somewhere is even some wet ground), therefore all of the buildings, roads and machines are on the metal structures. In the northern hemisphere is so much garbage that you can walk on it, even though it was thrown into the swamp water.

There are a lot of muddy ponds, swamps and bogs but no clean water.

Biosphere (fauna and flora):
In the “water” there live thousands of odd species of fish, snakes and mutant crocodiles. These poor creatures are full of diseases such as leprosy, tumours infections, anaemia cancers, osteoporosis and various kind of poisoning.

Daschnens are very unfriendly nation. They do not talk much (sometimes even among themselves) and they are very ugly, perhaps because they have completely polluted planet or maybe because until Year Zero they lived in swamps and they fed themselves on local creatures.
Those with the worst work look like if their every single cell had a cancer (only who works in factories, furnaces and especially in the vicinity of nuclear power plants) while teachers and waste carriers look just like a blob of slime. Dachnens are very depressed and sarcastic creatures, they've never liked anything and they never will.

Author: Erishika
Translator: Erishika

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