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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Exchanged Eye: 1 ✖ Stolen eye

Written by: SHANA
Circle: Dreamer’s ship
Original: The hidden stories of Phantasium: Exchanged eye
Title: 1 ✖ Stolen eye

‘I am running! I am running!’ I reacted, running as fast as I could while breathing heavily.
‘Use magic or something! Get us out of this! You can do magic or?’
‘Magic?’ I hesitated.  Right, I have never been good in any kind of magic or sorcery. All of the magic which I have ever practiced never went smoothly and I would somehow always hurt myself. So I wasn’t using them so frequently and I didn’t really need them in my whole life... until now. The situation which I am in right now requires much higher level of magic or even a miracle. Unluckily I am on the brink of death running away from lava. And that lava has appeared out of blue in an abandoned house. Why the heck lava? Why not something slower? For example flying furniture or any kind of a trap, which could easily be escaped from. It is not like I am stating that flying furniture can’t be any faster than this, but seriously, what kind of a trap is this? And this corridor is infinite! Is there no exit out of this cursed house?

‘Use ice or wind to stop it! Stop the lava! Hurry up!’
‘Shut up stupid rabbit! I am thinking of some!’ I screamed and tried to think of some ice magic. What am I supposed to do now? I am still too young to die. To be burnt in hot lava! Damn! Just think about ice, it might work, Lith, I prompted myself. Ice, please work for once. ‘ICE!’ I cried, also fully concentrated as much as my mind allowed me to do so while running. A sudden chill went through my whole body as I felt the cool air under my feet. I lost the balance. The floor changed into an icy mirror which caused the painful fall afterwards. No way!
‘Ahhhhh!’ we screamed while I was gliding the icy floor on my butt. I am doomed!


3 days earlier

24, 25... 26, 27, 28... I don’t remember myself being so bored that I have to count falling leaves above my head. With a long sigh I grabbed a book next to me which I randomly chose in the library this morning. With difficulty I opened the book in the middle and the title already got my attention.

Alchemist’s eye

The eye owned by Leander Dragos, also referred as Leviathan who was the greatest alchemist during the Shoten Era.

‘Was the Shoten Era before the great War or after?’ I mumbled and had to imaginary hit my head for my lack of knowledge in history.

He was the court alchemist after winning the competition of making the best crown for the Queen. But after few incidents, queen’s infidelity to her husband with Leviathan had been found out. The queen wasn’t able to defend him and thus Leviathan was thrown out from the kingdom. But instead of leaving the country, Leviathan had locked himself in a hidden room in the castle and had slowly planned the revenge. No one had ever heard of him since then and many years had passed away. Once he appeared again during the night time and killed the king unmercifully. He spared the queen, telling her that she deserved something worse. ‘I ought to kill you for your betrayal but I shall take your eyes, the most beautiful thing you owe instead of your worthless life.’ Then he took both of her eyes as she painfully cried the bloody tears.

‘Now I am not sure... he spared her? By taking her eyes out? Oh how merciful.’

After this he left the kingdom and moved into a small village, which was far away from the kingdom, where he lived in an abandoned house. He modified both eyes but only one eye managed to endure all the experiments. He stored it as the dearest thing he ever had. It is told that the eye is a case which holds the void magic.

‘What a thing to put in a stolen eye.’ I told myself. Who would believe this? The last void magician died many centuries ago! Void magic doesn’t exist. And there’s no such thing as a “void magic box”. Annoyed by the weird book full of legends and stories I slowly got up and went back to castle. Yes I am a princess of the kingdom Millenium. But unluckily I don’t have someone like court alchemist.

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