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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Planet Phantasium

Location: Galaxy Spiritus Portus

Number of moons: 2 natural satellites - Vert (green and blue - made of malachite and copper, closer to the planet, circulation time lasts 64 days), Rogue (smaller than Vert, light red to pink colour - mainly MgCl2, circulates the planet in 32 days).

The source of heat: The core of the planet/nothing (closest hot star - 2 450 000 000 km away)

General: Phantasium is a solid planet with a radius of 4200 km, tinted orange (almost red) due to the presence of iron oxide and non-green plants.

Living conditions: The core of the planet releases heat so the planet maintains its constant temperature of 22-25°C. The presence of oxygen - honeysphere (more in climate).

Geography: The planet is 3/4 made of mainland, mostly floral field. The rest of the planet is surrounded by one huge lake with fresh water. Half of the planet has been destroyed by the war and now there is a big source of coal and other minerals (= dark red colour of the planet).

Hydrology: on Phantasium there's a large and deep lake Dawn. The planet has many rivers flowing from the mountains. All the rivers flow into the big lake. The water cycle doesn't exist.

Biosphere (fauna and flora): There are only few species of mammals. The landscape is covered with red grass and wild plants. There is no green colour due to lack of light for chloroplasts thus there are only other pigments such as phycoerythrin (red) and carotene (orange). Occasionally deducious forest and fruit trees occur.

Climate: Thanks to the core of the planet, the climate has the long-term temperature (22-25°C). The weather is stable, it's not raining nor snowing thus the season does not exist (only contingent warm breeze which is caused by the release of heat energy from the planet's core). The planet is covered with a thin layer of honeysphere which produces oxygen and protects the planet from cosmic rays.

Civilisation: On Phantasium there are two groups of people. The first group with higher status can control magic, and the second one can't manipulate with magic. These two groups live together peacefully.
There is Millenium Kingdom with king Rocher (magician) and his wife queen Shimia (human).

Other: The light source is very weak therefore the time can be recognised just by the two moons. Days and nights are not different from each other. The gravity of Phantasium is slightly smaller than Earth's and the planet does not rotate.

 queen Shimia
 and her butler (© Vivi Sector)
 and king's maid

Author: SHANA

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