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Saturday, February 9, 2013


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Here is SHANA (sometimes only Shan), most common sixteen years old human being who is attending highschool. I am an anime-geek, a keen gamer and I consider myself as a little occasional detective. I spend my free time mostly at my computer or reading books such as detective stories (like Sherlock FTW!).
I am not satisfied with my height (as I grow 1 mm a year - I am also scared I won't grow anymore ; A ;). I love sweet and cute stuff. On the other hand I don't like bitter things and obvious liars (but professional liars are OK >o<b), exaggerated fangirling (dangerously high decibels as *SQUEEEEEE!*) and infinite queue.
In this project I am supposed to be a writer (although I have never written anything serious and if I decide to write, no mastrepieces are awaited!) but I also like drawing.

(")_(") PS: I ♥ Bunnies.

Author: SHANA

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