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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Birds Against The Storm: The Begining

My first story, hope you like it >-< b

The Story takes place in planet S4, where a war wages out of greed and the search of the power of the elements, a war that caused a lot of damage to all regions leaving a destroyed house in the Water region, dead parents and two brothers with nothing but their bond to face their fate without any help or support. But luck has forsaken those two boys enabling them to survive, to grow up and to take part in this war. But nothing goes the way you like it... the two boys abandoned their home region and got separated resulting each of them to lead a different life that will play a strong role in the future.

Before any of this happened, the four regions lived in peace until an unknown disease invaded the planet causing all sorts of life forms to die and humans deaths and loss of lives including the Fire and The Earth nation's kings leading to make both of their sons to be the next kings. And to make this worse, both of them hated each other due political reasons. Which led the Fire region's king to wage war against the Earth region in excuse for that the planet won't be able to sustain all the regions with its low resources unless he gets the power of each element, and by claiming that the strongest should survive. The Water region's king didn't like where this is going, so he tried to calm things down with the Fire region's king since he was friends with the previous Fire region king. Too bad that the Earth region saw that as an attempt for alliance and attacked the Water region, The Fire region's king grabbed this chance and attacked the Water region as well creating a chaotic confusion in the Water region, and so they had no choice but to join the war. Leaving all that chaos, the Wind region kept it self away from all that, so it's the only peaceful region around with no ties with war and such.

Few years have passed since that incident, allowing two shining stars to shine in the battlefield of planet S4. Those two stars got their chances to join the war, each taking side with the Fire and the Water region. The Fire region hired Tobi, despite the common nature of the Fire region civilians, Tobi is a calm guy who thinks before he acts. And he's really hard to anger which causes some conflicts between him and the magicians troopers in the Fire region army. Also he's known as the best element user in S4... and the only human-being whose able to combine Water and Fire elements in combat, keeping in mind that learning how to use multi-elements is pretty hard. Moving on to the Water region, which hired Sam who is rushy young man with a friendly personality, no one knows that he's from the Water region for that many people died in the same time as their parents did. But Everyone in the Water region loves him, he's pretty famous for offering help to anyone. And despite the fact that the world is ruled by elements and magic, Sam prefers using physical weapons , and what do you know? He is on the same level with high class magicians and of course, the only physical weapon user in S4. And yeah, you've guessed it right.. they are the two brothers I mentioned before. So, our heroes will start their adventure seeking the war's end, but it will not be that easy.

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