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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seasonal Four ( S4 )

Location : Spiritus Portus ( Galaxy 8 )


Number of moons : 4 - Firitus, Wateripus, Windirus and Earthisus


The source of heat : Firitus


Weather :

Differs from region to another

Fire Region : Hot and sunny all over the year, no chance of rain at all.

Water Region : Chilly and Cold all year long, always cloudy and often rains a lot.

Wind Region : Has the best and most stable weather of all regions, its weather is similar to Earth's.

Earth Region : Sandy and and kind of hot, famous for its deserts and dry weather.


Flora :

Fire Region : Man eating plants that live on eating meat, whether its a lost human being or an animal, but on the other hand, there are normal plants that are planted for their magical power.

Water Region : Crystal-like plants that contain a lot of magic power, also frozen plants of all kinds are there , being able to live normally in the cold weather.

Wind Region : The plants in there are the same as Earth's.

Earth Region : This region almost has no plants due the hard weather, only tough plants can survive this region's weather, like man-eating plants.


Fauna :

Fire Region : Aggressive beasts such as dragons and giant lizards ( Breathing Fire is a must-have on these beasts ! ).

Water Region : Mainly Foxes and rabbits but there are fairies and dragons as well and some of these creatures is friendly with humans but the dragons.

Wind Region : A lot of Fairies and Birds with the ability to control wind, but it differs between each creature , and like the Water Region, the creatures in here are so friendly that they live with the humans with no emotional obstacles.

Earth Region : Due the weather, the animal in this region gained the ability to survive without water but to suck it from other animals, so hiding ability is at its maximum in the region.


General information about the planet:

The four moons keep the world at balance and prevents any element from clashing with another element , about the regions, each region has a different kind of people that lives inside of it, for example: the fire region civilians are known for their anger management issues but on the other hand, the water region civilians are known for their calmness and quietness, about the wind region , they are known for being super friendly and peace lovers but unlike the earth region, they are known for their love for playing tricks and their selfish personalities, which of course lead this planet to be in state of war.

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