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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Tale of Suns I. – A Blood Drop

- and they lived happily ever after,“ the governess ended the tale and straightened.
One more!“ pleaded the small boy as he was flapping his tiny legs.
No, it’s too late! You should go to sleep,“ she said with a calm voice and covered him with a blanket.
But I won’t fall asleep otherwise,“ the boy frowned.
All right then, but this is the last one,“ she smiled, bitter her lip and then she slowly started telling the tale. 
Long long time ago this planet had only one sun and it was slowly fading away, before it disappeared for all. The world fell into darkness and it started to be horribly cold. People panicked, ran, rebelled and called for the Almightyone. But before the sun fade away, it send here one last ray. This ray travelled a long way here and then it was finding a place where it should land.
It landed on young boy, just a little older than you! This absolutely last ray of sunlight carried power of the whole sun and that young man absorbed it all. His eyes started glowing and then they were blue again. But that was all, nothing happened. He did not know how to control this power. That's why he decided to go around the world and see that horror. He came here - on this hill, where this castle stands now and he looked at the sky.
There was no sun and almost no stars. The world rushed to perdition and he knows that,“ she said mysteriously and the boy straightened up.
What happened then?” he asked with a fear in his voice.
How do you think it ended?” she laughed. “When you look up to the sky, what do you see?”
Suns!” he said and his eyes sparkled with happiness.
Yes, this man with blond hair told himself that he have to do something with that. He started with yelling at the sky. Do you know why did he do that?”
No,” he confessed.
He bargained with Almightyone. At first it was anger then he was bargaining, cried and then he understand that Almighty won't help him. And so he took a dagger which had been laying on a stone behind him. He hoped that maybe if he sacrifice himself, he will set free that last ray of sunshine and the sun will come back.
Fortunately something stopped him. It was a kind voice saying that he don't have to sacrifice his life, that it can be just a drop of his blood. So he spilled his blood. For a second nothing happened, but after that like a shining flower the ray of sunlight grew up to the sky. And that young man could just by using his mind, his courage and the drop of a blood create a new sun. And do you know how was he called?” she asked quietly. The boy shook his head.
His name's Halvar – your father and our king,” she smiled at him and stood up. “And now – goodnight!”
Wait! But we have two suns! And he created just one sun, didn't he?” he protested.
Yes, and I will tell you about it tomorrow. Now goodnight,” she said and blew out the candles.


Location: Planet Solaris Regnum

Author: Erishika
Translator: Envy and Erishika

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