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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Tale of Suns II. – Golden Heart

The boy is nervously shaking in the bed and up tightly watching the door. He waited for all the day for the continuation of yesterday’s fairy-tale, and now, in every moment, his governess will come and finally tell him the rest of the story. Yes! The doors slowly opened and she came in.
“Hurry! Hurry,” he called as he was eagerly hopping. “You promised me the continuation!”
“All right! All right! Just let me catch a breath,” she laughed and sat down next to the boy on a bed.
“Last time I told you about how one sun was created, right? Now I will tell you the story about the second one.”
“It happened that long time ago, when you and your siblings weren’t even born. The people who got to know about what Halvar did and voted him their new king – The King of Kings, which was his given name. He was given a kingdom and because he was very wise, even the other rulers were asking for his advice. He had to prove that he is also strong enough few times, because the kings from other distant kingdoms didn’t believe in miracles. It took a while, but in the end he gained the same respect as he has now. But he still was missing something,”
 “Do you know what it was?” the governess asked.
“Um,” he pondered. “The Queen!” he blurted and lit up.
“Yes, you are right. But to find a fitting wife wasn’t an easy task, King Halvar looked everywhere, among princesses, among noble ladies and even among ordinary town girls. None of them was as what he wished for, he loved neither of them.”
One time he was sitting in the garden bellow the castle while looking at the sky. It seemed hot, but not as hot as it is now. He himself noticed that it would be better if the sun heated more, but no matter how many times he tried, it didn’t happen. And then the loveable voice, which first adviced him, that only one blood drop is enough, spoke again. It said, that if he sheds his blood again, the next sun will be created and so will the women of his heart.”
“Was it mom?” the boy jumped in her speaking.
“Of course!” his governess laughed and stroked his head. “King Halvar didn’t hesitate; the blood fell on the ground and as before with the first sun, from the ground like from a sunlight a beautiful flower grew. It took a shape of woman, and after the sunlight came off, a beautiful young woman stood there, with a brown hair and golden eyes. And she was wearing the most beautiful dress that the king Halvar ever seen,” she paused. “She still wears them on festivals sometimes,” she added.
“The golden ones?” the boy asked.
“Exactly! She just stood there for a while, and then she smiled as only she can, and they both knew that they are meant to be together. In the moment the king kissed her, and the other sun was created.
And from that time there are two suns in our sky that orbit our planet together.” 

Author: Erishika
Translator: Envy

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