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Monday, July 22, 2013

Two Birds Against The Storm: Ominous Wind

Chapter One: Ominous Wind

The sounds of explosions and the echoes of the soldiers' painful screams brought Sam back to reality. The reality that takes place in the battlefield where both of the Water region and the Fire region are fighting. The reality where He defends himself from his brother's spells. The painful reality that shocked all his senses trapping him in the cage of confusion. He could feel the anger flowing in his brother every time their eyes meet. 
"Let's not be hasty, we can talk this out Tobi!" screams Sam leaping out of a giant fire ball's range.
Tobi didn't respond, but he kept the spell casting going. 
"Calm down Tobi, why th-" Sam stops as he notices a white-as-snow haired guy standing  behind Tobi.
Sam's face expression changes as he pulls his swords rushing torwards him screaming,
"You.. you better have an explanation for this!!" 

-Few days ago-

It all started with a summon request to Tobi from Hinscream, the Fire region's King. Hinscream is a childish adult who is known for his greed and lust for power, and his firey-colored hair which makes him a perfect Fire region king.. or so he thinks. Also he's the opposite of his father who was -unlike every king that ruled the region of Fire- a persuader of peace. His father was famous for his great achievement, creating peace with the Earth nation hence ending their history of hate and fighting. So, Tobi answered Hinscream's request and headed for his palace; by the time he arrived to the palace's hall, Hinscream greeted him with a loud voice, 
"Right on time my brave soldier, I have a special mission for you today!"
"Make this quick." Tobi answers. staring right into Hinscrem's eyes.
Hinscream backs off for a little before he says "Actually, it's more like a personal request.. I'd like you to investigate about Earth region's new mercenary, I've heard that idiot Lark got his hand on a really powerful mer-"
Tobi cuts him saying "With all due respect your majesty, but your personal grudge against Earth region's King Lark is none of my business, I serve here for missions that benefit all of us."
Hinscream replies angrily "Psh, fine.. then I order you to kill him, that benefits all of us right?".
Tobi left the hall ignoring Hinscream's last sentence, thinking -in the same time- who might that mercenary be.

-Hours later-

"Eh?" Sam wakes up from his sleep upon hearing a voice. "I've been searching for you for like hours, and here you are sleeping on the grounds of the palace's garden!!" said Adele in a sharp tone.
"And there you spoiled my dream.." replies Sam.
"Anyway, why would the water region's young princess is personally looking for me?" mumbled Sam rolling his eyes.
Yes, Adele happens to be the youngest queen of the Water region. She has no siblings or parents, she lost them in the tragic war caused by the disease that invaded the planet long ago, almost at the same time as Sam. All she had was her grandfather, who took the responsibility of handling the country instead of her dead father. But time stole his life, leaving no one but her to rule the Water region.

"Because there is something important that I want to talk about with you." answered Adele crossing her arms.
"Then why the wait? let's go!" said Sam picking his scarf from the ground.

They moved into the palace's meeting room, where other commanders are waiting. Adele starts up a conversation "We've got an information resource regarding the Earth region, this spread around pretty quickly.. it seems that they have a new pawn, a powerful one as well." as she presents a poorly snapped picture and continues, "One of our spies managed to take a photo of him but he paid his life for in exchange... so-- HEY!" She turns her head to Sam, who snatched the picture from her hand as he said sarcastically, 
"Haha, look at that pose.. and a WHITE hair?! I thought earth is more suited to black or brown."
Adele took back the picture with a glare and explained the urgent need to avoid causing any trouble for the time being. Most of the present commanders didn't like the idea of not doing anything about it, but what can they do? they must follow the orders.

-Later in the same day-

The thing is that Sam and Tobi already planned on doing this together from the start. They both noticed how the Earth region relaxed a little bit on their attacks, and since both of them share information secretly between themselves, they know about the white-haired mysterious guy. So they decided to meet to clear things up, and with Sam holding all the information which the Water region's spies gather, sneaking through the Earth lands and mountains became much easier through undiscovered caves and abandoned travel routes.

The long journey to the Earth region ends quickly as Sam and Tobi meet at the promised location. They both stare each other for a moment before they enter a cave which happens to lead to some sort of underground route.
Quietly, Sam and Tobi walked though the route, the only things that is heard is their footsteps, Sam cuts of the silence and says, "Hey, what do you think of whitey?"
"whitey?" Tobi replies.
"Yeah, the new guy." Sam giggled, "Hah, whitey."
"Brother, this is a serious matter.. don't take this lightly." said Tobi in a serious tone.
"Oh come on, isn't this fun?"
"As long as we get rid of whitey we're all done, that's it!"
Tobi was about to answer him, but when he turned his face, he was in a completely different location. Tobi froze for a moment as he tried to understand what just happened. He kept darting his eyes around the place looking for an enemy, but his eyes stopped as he heard a step behind him. He took a step back while turning to where the step was located and noticed a glowing white-haired guy saying "Whitey? There is a limit for lameness, but that exceeded it.. Seriously..?"
"People have names, and mine is Sai.. it's nice to meet you, magician Tobi." Smirked Sai.
Without any delay, Tobi faintly jumps forward stretching his right hand towards Sai's face unleashing a powerful explosion. But his eyes widened as he saw nobody in front of him; He quickly turns back and stretches his left hand preparing to launch another attack, but gets shocked as he sees Hinscream laughing loudly.
He paused and blinked his eyes few times before screaming, "Why?"
Suddenly, Hinscream faded as Sai appeared behind him and said, "Did you like it?"
Tobi replies angrily, "Illusions.."
"Congrats, you're the fastest person who figures it out!" Sai claps.
"Then, why siding with the Earth region, traitor?" Said Tobi.
"Ohh, you're smart.. not surprising.."
Tobi lowers his hand as he says, "No Earth magician can generate illusions.. it's Wind magician's specialty, so why?"
"Details.. details, who cares about them? Anyway check this out!"
Sai snaps his finger creating a sphere in mid-air.
"Cool huh?"
Tobi clinched his teeth.
"You intended things to go THIS far?!"

The sphere was a window to a battle field, a battle field where both Fire and Water region are fighting, a field where Sam was forced to slay through Fire region's soldiers to survive.

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