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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Rabbit And the Fox

"I can't sleep, Witty!", I sat on my bed whining and frowning on my butler Wittson. An elderly man in a butler suit quickly but silently approaches me.
"Is there any problem, Milady?",  he asked. I looked at him and thought that when I sit like this on my bed he doesn't seem that tall.
"I said I can't sleep!", I repeated.
"May I turn off the night lamp, Milady?, he said, almost touching the switch..
"N-no!.. I mean, I do not mind the light. I could fall asleep even in a brighter light than this one. ", I can't possibly reveal my weakness against the absolute darkness.
"My apologies, Milady. Is there something else the princess wishes for?", he continues with his questions.
"Mhmm.. I got it!", I blurted out. "Tell me a story until I fall asleep."
"B-but Milady. I do not know any story.", he looked at me in confusion.
"What are you for a servant when you cannot do it! Any story will do, Witty! I demand you to tell me stories until I fall asleep!", I looked at him with an angry expression.
"Y-yes Milady!" he faltered as he looked on the left and right side, maybe he is looking for inspiration?
"What should the story be about?"
"Anything will do."
"Ah... uhm... One day, in the evening.. I mean. One day in late evening hours a rabbit went for a walk. Suddenly a fox appeared in front of him. The rabbit got scared and thought of running away but the fox approached him, saying: "Calm down, rabbit. I want to be your friend, I will not harm you.", as she continued with the sweet talk that soon the rabbit fell into her trap. Day by day the rabbit became a closer friend of the fox.".. he paused and checked if I have fallen asleep.
"Continue.", I assured him that I am still wide awake.
He nodded and continued.."So... One day the fox invited the rabbit for a lunch. The rabbit agreed and dressed in his finest suit, reached fox's house. The fox gave the rabbit a warm welcome and offered him his favourite food, the carrot juice. But even after the juice the rabbit was still hungry so he asked the fox: "My friend, has the lunch not been cooked yet?". The fox smiled and replied: " Mine is ready because I can have raw lunch." and with these words the fox pounced on the rabbit and ate him up."
"Haha!" I laughed.
"Is this an appropriate story to tell before going to bed?"
"Oh, you did not like it?" he said with a sad expression.
"Oh no, I liked it, bit you really don't know how to tell a story"
"Indeed, I truly am bad at this." he replied with a slight smile.

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