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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Where could he be? The whole family is looking for him. And even though they still can’t find him.
“Hero, where are you?” dad calls.

“Don’t be scared and show us yourself.” tries mom.

But the tomcat knows this tone, in which they are calling him, very well. That tone, when someone wants to do to you something that you dislike, and try to make you come to them. Exactly in this tone they were calling him – mom, dad and two children.

“Helooo!” shouts small Jane.

“Come on, kitty!” comes from Thomas.

“Hero, come to us.” says dad.

“Oh boy, we probably won’t find him.” mom sighs.

“Don’t worry, honey, I am sure he will show up every minute.” dad comforts her
“Kitty, kitty!” Jane still runs around.

“And why are we looking for him?” asks Thomas.

“Because he needs a bath, he’s had once again rolled around in some dirt and now he’s horribly dirty!”
 Explained his parents before they all had went back to looking for their cat.

And behold, a while later they finally found Hero! He was hiding behind the kitchen cabinets! Mom found him when she was going to prepare some food for her hungry children.

You can be sure that they immediately grabbed him and ran with him to the bathroom. They didn’t even give him some to defend himself, and before he knew, Hero was already in the water! Of course, he tried to get out and scrape, but mom and dad were adamant and skilful. Together they washed the tomcat and got all of the dirt off him. Even though it probably won’t stay like this for a long time....

“See, it wasn’t that bad in the end, right?” Thomas whispers to Hero, as he holds him while the cat is still shaking, wrapped in a towel in his hands.

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