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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Location: Galaxy 6

Sun: star Knósos

Size: about the same size as Uran

Planet Phébus has got one moon named Soul. Its size is about the same as planet Earth. Despite that the planet's citizens call it moon.

The living conditions:
Mostly there is temperate climate but there are deserts and semi-deserts too.

The surface is quite straight but there are also beautiful mountains. There are a lot of islands. There are forests but there are also grasslands and glades.

There is a tangle of rivers and seas.

Different types of animals live here and they usually have same names and appearance as the animals on the planet Earth. But some of them are completely different (more than anyone could thought).

Plants are the same as plants on the Earth too. But there are also couples of notable representatives.
Residents of the planet:
There are mostly various tribes of elves but there are other mysterious beings too.


Same four seasons, they don't know what hours are – they watch the stars and the sun (Knósos).

Author: Alchemy
Translator: Erishika

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