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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Location: Galaxy 1

Moons: Tosh (bigger) and Piko

Source of light and warmth: Stréne

Surface: diverse mainland, waters consist of: seas, lakes, ponds and rivers.

Consistence of atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 22% oxygen, 2% of other gases

Appearance of atmosphere: The clouds on Pyrha are green and blue and the sky is clear

Climate and size: Similar to Earth’s

Flora: Majority of the plants is similar to Earth’s

Fauna: Also similar to Earth’s, however animals are able to communicate with some people

-          Nation, which is ruled by the King. They live in peace and are good mannered. Otherwise they are bit behind the times. I’m not really sure to what I should compare it. Instead of cars, they use horses and carriages and instead of pills different medicines and magic is used, there actually is gun powder however, it‘s rare for someone to own a gun. Nation lives in cities and villages, there are so called “metropolis” which are divided. Some are able to do magic, some are poor and others wealthier.  There is a certain elite, which lives near to the king’s home. The elite is divided into soldiers, protectors, helpers, technicians, bookworms, students, (Polish... no wait, not these.). Well just something along these lines. There are different nationalities but they live as one Nation. They differ only in age, appearance and jobs.
-          There also exist people which can change into animals, nonetheless only a few exist. Perhaps because of that, most of them serve the king and ensure the safety of all by staying in the nature and guarding certain areas, from poaching, helping lost kids to find their way home :D, they simply help wherever needed. The ones, who aren’t working for king are trying to keep their ability a secret.
-          Since the beginning of time it has always been like this: men provide for families and women take care of them. Men hold women in high regard and in turn women respect men. However there exist exceptions. When there is found a rather big exception, it is eliminated by expelling those people and they become outcasts...
-          Outcasts have a leader, who’s trying to incite them the most against the Nation. I’m still thinking about this, so the only thing I know for sure is that they are barbarians, who despise everything. Outcast are mostly male, but when you find a female among them... well it’s better not to think about it.

The wife of the King was killed by outcasts, hopefully I’ll write a story about it.

Author: Peggy
Translator: U.N.Oven

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