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Saturday, January 12, 2013



Everyone should make their own two main characters, in a way that at least one of them will have about a half of a personality same as it’s author. Characters can be given any skill that it’s author wants.

One author can have as many main characters, as many he wants, but two of them work as basis. They (maybe) should have to be something like your companions while being on Dreamer’s Ship.

The difference between writers and illustrators characters is that writers have to actually use their characters in their stories, while illustrators can just draw them or ask some writer to add them into his stories. 

Characters of one author can be together in one story, can live on the same planet but in different times or live in much distanced places and never meet each other.

Of course, in stories there will be other characters than just those two main ones. You can write stories about minor characters too. You can write as many stories as you want, and it doesn't have to include your main characters.

This is part of project introduction.

Author: Envy
Translator: Envy

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