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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Planet Karoten


Location: Galaxy 7

Number of moons: 2 – Mr and Kev* (both are oval, orange and desolate)

The source of heat: The star Beta
Planet Karoten looks like a huge carrot, it has got even „leaves“.

The life conditions:
The temperature is constant 16°C – that's ideal for growing of the Carrots.

The orangesoil is light and highly fertile soil, you wouldn't find even a single stone in it. Wherever you look, there are fields with small carrots growing but there are kindergartens, schools and cities too.

There are no water areas – the rain takes care of watering the Carrots.

Biosphere (fauna and flora): 
There are only the Carrots – see in Residents.

The Carrots! It's very simple – Mrs. Carrot plant her child, waits until it will grow up into the carrot as we know. Then the legs will grow and she puts it to the kindergarten and after the hands will grow and little face appears, mum Carrot puts baby Carrot to the elementary school. Later it will graduate high school and many Carrots go to the University.
The are lawyers, doctors, rootologists, even crystalogists, but mostly there are assassins, thieves and kidnappers. They are wandering all over universe, hiding in the shadows and waiting for their victims. Half of the population of planet Karoten would even sell their (or someone else's) children – that's also the main reason why you can get newborns and then boil them alive or eat them raw. There are a lot of angry mothers which wants to stop this and same amount of dads telling these scary stories to their children before bedtime.

* Mr and Kev is like Car and Rot, but that sound dump to me :D

Author: Erishika
Translator: Erishika

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