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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Here are all members of Dreamer’s Ship. When you click on their names, their profiles will be shown.

Envy – Project’s author and it’s chief, writer
Vivi Sector – Co-author and first member, our main illustrator
SHANA – Writer
Peggy – “Not very good” writer and illustrator
Durwen – Writer
U.N.Owen – Thinker/helper and illustrator
Erishika – Writer and illustrator
Mrs Universe – Writer
Alchemy – Writer and illustrator
Terr – Illustrator
Purii – Illustrator
Hepis - Erishika's personal illustrator
Ray - Writer and illustrator
Padfoot - Writer and illustrator

This article will be updated every time someone joins.
Peggy’s “Not very good” is on her own request.

Author: Envy
Translator: Envy

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