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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Planet Krys-teel

Planet Krys-teel by Erishika
Location: Galaxy 7

Number of moons: 5 (the sky is honestly magnificent and one time in 500 years you are able to see all 5 moons at once)
  1. The moon Urto – it's nothing more than just piece of ice without the core (just like someone transported water to universe – there even are frozen fish and others sea animals)
  2. The moon Aren – first it was small planet with living things but then the war came up and it became completely uninhabitable and it started to orbit the nearest planet – the Krys-teel (you still can see the ruins of big cities from there)
  3. The moon Krast – it's nothing special, just big half-ruined rock
  4. The moon A-rů-sty – originally it was a rock too but then long-expired yoghurt crushed it (and it happened before starships started to travel this area – nobody knows how did it get there) and it was occupied by a nation of hyper-germs named Ugru-shuur – the most intelligent being/thing in the universe or elsewhere (that's what they're thinking). Fortunately it was yoghurt with probiotic culture and delicious strawberry jam at the bottom because without jam, instead of long and passionate discussions about the biggest mysteries ever, the indignant germs would fight among themselves just because of opinion about The year Zero. This way is their very short life noticeably sweeter.
  5. The moon Hruška (Pear) – this very misleading title devised one Krys-teelian (without knowing anything about this fruit) when he discovered that the Krys-teel has got 5 moons. After really long discussion with his wife, he hit himself with a crystal and when he woke up, he said this word (although the moon more looks like a tomato than pear). It same coincidence as the yoghurt floating in the universe. This moon is pink – he's made of Rose Quartz.

The heat source:
The star Kóten and two times bigger star Lisk (Why planet doesn't change its trajectory like planet Daschnen? You can find out that on seminar „We are just germs“ and „Germs and sun“)

Planet Krys-teel with radius 5284,91 kilometres is very colourful, there are areas of same coloured crystal but mostly it's grey or white. It's full of crystals so beautiful it will take your breath.

The living conditions:
Normally the temperature of the planet is constant 20 °C but for two season on the Krys-teel it reaches up to 30°C.
The water is basically drinkable after you properly boil it (three times is the best choice) because of the high incidence of minerals.

About half of the planet's surface consists of water, a quarter of sandy shore and the beaches, and the rest of the planet are crystal caves.
Sandy coasts are basically finely powdered crystals - it is not recommended to go there without boots, unless you plan to leave behind you the blood path. But you can see there many krys-teelan barefoot kids - they build a sand caves (if the Krys-teelians have known castles, they wouldn't be stuck in caves) but Krys-teelians have very tough skin.
Crystal caves are composed of various varieties of crystals and minerals. It is said that you can't never ever collect one piece of each type(and that's only because no one wants to pick them up).

There are mostly lakes - calm steady areas separated from each other, but the „sandy“ coasts indicate that there used to be a raging sea . Now it's just water full of mineral (yes, a bit salty), more than it's allowed to most forms of life.

Biosphere (fauna and flora)
There are beautiful trees of Sil (Forces) along the coast, whose narrow and smooth strain twists as bonsai  grows to a height of two meters, with glittering white crust and with a few green leaves that look like they were made ​​of glass. The real mystery is the fruit - as unripe are delicious and the juiciest fruit in the galaxy but then the fruit matures and it becomes a piece of crystal.
There are not other plants but there exists one species of fish (like a Koi carp, they just have crystallized scales), then there is a species of crabs with (crystal) miniature of cities with skyscrapers on the carapace and then there is doe with white velvet leather.

The climate:
The clouds do not form or disappear, just lazily travel across the planet.

Inhabitants are the Krys-teelians (it is said that they are very slow, retarded - Stone Age or Crystal Age), who doesn't like to be bothered or distracted from their daily duties. They live for 150 years, when they are twenty-five, they start to crystallize very slowly because of the results of large amounts of consumed minerals. They have tough skin and tough digestive tract, so the Krys-teelians can eat almost anything. Crystallization starts from the outside the body until it gets to the organs and Krys-teelian is slowly dying but most of them are looking forward to become part of that damn cave which haven't change in 150 years and they can finally magnify it.

Krys-teelian - noun
Krys-teelan - adjective

Author: Erishika
Translator: Erishika

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