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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Planet Styrin


Location: Galaxy 8

Number of moons:
The are 68 small frozen meteors which are attracted by low gravitational force of Styrin and they rotate around the planet.

The source of heat: 
Hot lava beneath the surface of Styrin.

The source of light: 
A cold star near the planet.

Styrin is a planet covered by dry snow (CO2 at -80°C) and permafrost. There are „red rivers“ because of the occurrence of lava in the water (see The living conditions and Climate). Planet's radius is 2068 kilometres  Rotation around its axis takes about 16.8 hours.

The living conditions:
The planet itself is around -80 °C (core with lava around 900 °C) but because of the occurrence of sirrusphere and lava, the planet has about 0 °C. There is also oxygen (?).

The weather on Styrin is cool. It's often snowing (endless cycle of water – evaporate and then immediately freeze again – see Hydrology). There are often blizzards and snowstorms.

The planets has got many mountains. 

Lava keeps constant temperature of water around 65-68 °C. In the places where the lava flows out, there is created water (with high contents of silicon). Lava, which is then poured into water, creates so-called lava pads. All these rivers flow by flowing lava to the lava lake Syrufit.

Biosphere (fauna and flora):
Coniferous trees grow there and sometimes grass too. They are frozen, so they look like they're made of glass. There are "moving balls." They look like this ↓ (and they don't have name). 

Civilization: N/A

Author: SHANA
Translator: Erishika

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