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Friday, January 25, 2013


I am one of the secondary writers, if there are still any „secondary“, but I cannot compose. I will just write something from time to time. Maybe I should write something about myself… I am 16 years old teenager, which is introverted and doesn´t talk at school, but on the other hand I am foolish among my friends. Although I am not favourited at school, I am really fine. I have beloved divorced parents, two best friends (Monny and Jenny), nice boyfriend, that I love above everything else, and schoolmate-friend Envy. We help each other to survive the high school. Just like Envy, even I have my own opinion for everything (almost everything), and it´s always different than the others one. I am sorry Envy, you have been quicker, but I cannot write it by different way :D I hate school, but I have self-worth, so I am trying to have just the marks 2. However I hate falsity, infidelity, facebook and Justin Bieber… I love horses, rodents, music, Avril Lavigne, Coldplay and Jackie Chan ;D
P.S. I don´t know anything about the
anime”, only thing I know is, that it´s animated.

- translated by Tommy
-Author: Peggy

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