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Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello~ The name's Ray and it's nice to meet you all~

Since this is the first time I write up an introduction , I think I'll start telling some secrets. . . oh that's not how introductions are supposed to be. . ?

. . . Okay ._.

Oh well , then let's do this the normal way , I am a 19 years old teenage with a pretty childish personality , sometimes. . but just sometimes I can " grow up " but that happens rarely , I guess that's bad. . right ? o-o

Moving on to the stuff i like ~ , Three words. . . Sugar ! Violins ! and Scarves ! I know they sound random and stupid , but these are the best things I could have in this world ( Although sugar makes me super-hyper-active , but meh .. I still like it anyway ) , so about the stuff I hate ? actually there is only one thing that I hate , it's when someone tries to type my name and ends up with a " T " instead of " Y " . . . it sounds stupid but it actually hurt ; - ;

Finally , about my hobbies. . . I like sketching stuff that I think and sometimes I create stories , I am not that good , but I can be called an illustrator or a writer~ , there is music too , I like listening to lyric-less ones , playing soccer is pretty fun to me , especially as a goal keeper ,  and helping other people is like one of my favorite things to do :1

Hopefully I'll set free some of my best imaginations in here ,  so look forward for it.
* ^ *

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