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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project introduction

Welcome to Dreamer’s Ship sites. Dreamer‘s ship is a creative project for anyone, who likes drawing, writing or creating events and names (Because creating your own Universe isn‘t that easy and we always need to think hard when it comes to naming something.). This project should be based mainly on the cooperation and agreement between people who participate in it. Right now the only members are my friends, but we hope that another people will join us soon too. No matter the age, gender and other attributes.

How is written up, Dreamer’s Ship (DS) is creative project and it’s supposed to be about writing stories and drawing illustrations (and helping us with naming things). Illustrations should be somehow related to the project and stories, which should take place in one universe (all galaxies and planet where you want the story to take place are located in the same space), each of the project participants would have to make their own two main characters (which could be anything - human, elf, alien, animal, mushroom, tree, also it can be wardrobe, notebook, note, sound ... just absolutely anything), one of them should have at least part of the nature of the author. Besides the two characters it would be nice if everyone would come up with at least two own planets or make one together with someone. In any way I‘m asking you to give us detailed Info about it, so it can be used by another DS member or someone could draw it for you. The same goes for characters.

I guess this isn’t much clear and one can be confused from this, so let’s look at each part closer:

·         Characters
·         Universe and planets
·         The skills and possibilities of character
·         Writers and illustrators
·         Agreements and cooperation

Author: Envy
Translator: Envy

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