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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hello, I am Envy. Adult in two years with the soul of six years old child…

"Quickly give me my glasses back or I’ll start spoilering!"

I divide people around me in two groups. The group of people whose doesn’t likes me and the group of people that wants to kill me. The second group consist of my friends. Family isn’t part of any of these groups, family is family.

You know, on a first sight people think that I am just uninteresting glassed nerd. Poeple who knows me more know, that I am incredibly lazy, I like to play mmorpg games for all the day long, reading manga + stories and watching anime and at the same time, by some mysterious ways, I still have good grades at school. And that I am super crazy to dogs, cats, stuffed toys and candles,  well, and colored crayons too… Ehh, whatever.

I am damn oblivion. I don’t notice things until you put them right in from of my eyes and say „This is it!“ I like laughting and universally cheerful nature, I just not show it out sometimes. I have my own opinion on everything and mostly just the oposite than most of people.

I consider myself as a freak and it's never certain how I will act in next moment. I’m also almost always spaced out and it's hard to find out if i am just joking or being serious.
Me: „You are stupid…“
My friend: „Don’t say it, from you it sounds too honest!“

On Dreamer’s Ship I belong to the writers group, but it isn’t denied that I will put here some of my drawings too.

And yeah! I love Mr. Dinosaurus:  (but you can look only at his picture, ‘cause the text is in my language).

Picture is from our dear Vivi Sector. I’m posting here also her first sketch of me. I asked her, how does she sees me like a person and told her to draw it. So she did. It‘s nice to know, that your friends thinks of you as about cheerful but devilish person ^^ (how she told me herself after that).

Author: Envy
Translator: Envy

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