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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey peeps!

Alright, it's my turn huh? Firstly, I'll start with thanking Envy for showing me her project.
It seemed very interesting and I offered to help her, if she needed any, since I have a lot of free time anyways(I complain a lot that I'm oh-so-busy when I don't even do anything productive with my free time).

Ehem, the name's Terr the lazy illustrator(procastinator too). You'll find me lazing around or sneaking around to find a "prey" that I can scare easily. 

If you shove something adorable at my face, well, you won't be able to get that back again.

Short-tempered, hyper, scaredy-cat, lazy, daydreamer, well what more is there to tell about me? Oh right, did I mention that my humor is dry and hard to understand? Nope? Nope. Although at first I might seem pushy, honestly I'm just being shy and an awkward penguin that doesn't know what to talk about. If you don't understand a thing I say, that's normal :D

...Right, what I like do. Let's see... I like to sing, draw, read manga or watch anime, play MMORPGs, play games and collect what people write/draw/sing ^ q ^ Oh and teasing my friends! I love teasing dem friends. I could sit at home all day and never run out of things to do, really. But of course, being lazy prevents me from drawing.

So like, see you around! Love ya peeps >9o

-Author: Terr

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